At Home Core Workout

With the Coronavirus taking over most of our lives we still need to find a way to stay in shape. There are beaches closed and other summer / spring break things that are closed, but that’s okay, now we have more time to get our summer body.

Most of us don’t have access to a weight room or world class weights that we would have if we had access to our gyms, so this workout will be geared towards no weight at all. The only thing that you need for these exercises is you and a spot on the floor to do these exercises. If you want find a way to mix this workout in while watching a movie or something on Netflix, then go right ahead!

This workout (especially the second part of it) will test you mentally. The second part being a consistent workout will be tough, but stay strong and keep pushing through it. You are a lot stronger than you think, so keep telling yourself that you can do it and to not stop and you will most likely see yourself do better than you ever thought you would.

Coronavirus Core Workout

4 Sets

  1. 45 seconds of plank
  2. 15 seconds of rest
  3. 45 seconds of crunches
  4. 15 seconds of rest
  5. 45 seconds of reverse crunches
  6. 15 seconds of rest
  7. 45 seconds of flutter kicks (slow)
  8. Rest 1 min

1 Set (no rest during this set, last thing then you’re done!)

  1. 1 min of pushup plank
  2. 1 min of regular plank
  3. 30 sec of plank on your right side
  4. 30 sec of plank on you left side
  5. 1 min of regular plank
  6. 1 min of pushup plank

This workout will for sure leave you sore, but that’s a good thing. If you are sore it means that you are working! Keep powering through those little thoughts about dropping or stopping, your body is a lot stronger than you think. You can use exercises like this to push yourself mentally. Once you find out when those insecurities come in like, “I can just rest for 5 seconds” or “I don’t think I can do this,” that is when weakness wins. You are strong, you have to keep telling yourself that you are strong and you will accomplish this workout. Remember to keep working hard for yourself!

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